Jax 1.0.3

Real life meets digital life


  • Download videos from web
  • Music Map
  • Get lyrics and album covers


  • Too similar to Life2Go
  • iPhone users won't need it
  • Can crash iTunes

Not bad

Jax works as a hub between your iPod and the web. The application, which loads up in iTunes, lets you download lyrics, album covers, videos and transfer all that to your iPod.
Jax can import and export videos from all the main online video sites such as YouTube, MySpace video or Yahoo Videos. Album covers can also be downloaded from all the different Amazon sites in the world.

We quite liked the Music Map, which links up artists according to whether they worked together, share the same influences and many more other parameters.
The music visualizer is also fun to use, although it seems more like eye candy than anything else. Some users will also like the "On the Go" section, which gives you all sorts of information like stocks, weather or gas prices.
These can also be synced to your iPod.
In a way, and this has been mentioned before, Jax is way too similar to Life2Go. It actually feels like a revamped version of Life2Go with added web features.
iPhone users should also seriously consider before buying Jax, as the iPhone can do pretty much anything that Jax offers. In terms of performance, we also noticed that Jax did tend to crash iTunes every now and then.

Useful when the iPhone wasn't around, Jax feels more obsolete than anything now. Users with older iPods may find some use in this multimedia iTunes hub though.

’Got an iPod®? Use iTunes®? ‘ Then Jax has something for you! Load YouTube® videos into iTunes and watch them on your iPod video or AppleTV®. . . Use Music Map to find a ton of cool info about your favorite artists.

Jax will find all your album art and even let you choose from international album covers or drag and drop your own image to create custom album covers.

Jax also adds a bunch of new visualizers. Want to find and add the lyrics to your favorite songs? Jax makes that easy too!

Control Your Music

Configurable visualizers.

Manage your lyrics and find songs in your library that contain specific phrases and words. Manage your album art and select alternative images with higher resolution or different and international graphics.

Use Music Map to research your favorite songs and bands, their band members, and similar bands.

Control Your Life

Point-to-point directions, current weather forecasts, your favorite stock quotes, movie listings and local gas prices.

Local news from your favorite news readers, all your latest emails and any of your favorite documents - and oh, have you heard? You can download them into your iPod as text, or as spoken words as tracks in MP3 format.

Not good enough? How about being able to download YouTube and QuickTime movies directly to your video iPod or AppleTV?

Control Your Future

This is just the beginning.

. . Jax is upgradable with its plug and play feature set. Dozens of new Jaks are on the way and most will be available as free downloads right from our website.



Jax 1.0.3

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